29.03.2019, Indonesien, Langkat :

From 18.03. to 29.03.2019 the hydropulse process was further established in Indonesia. At the Langkat plant, two mineral water wells were successfully regenerated under difficult geological conditions.

12.03.2019, Spain/Malaga:

46th IAH (International Association of Hydrogeologists) Congress – Malaga (Spain) 22th-27th September:

TLM hydropuls GmbH and Forapulse SAS are jointly main sponsor (see link) of the congress and will participate with a booth. Also planned is a presentation of the hydropuls process.

11.03.2019, Brazil/Sao Paulo:

Suez Brazil wants to conquer the Brazilian market for well regeneration with the hydropuls process in the future. The first pulse generators will therefore be travelling to Brazil in the next few days.

06.03.2019, Tajikistan/Dushanbe:

From February, the 28th to March, the 4th 2019 TLM hydropuls GmbH successfully carried out the rehabilitation of the well of the German Embassy in Dushanbe. The heavily corroded wells were filled with an 135 m deep auxiliary piping installed, the well regenerated with the hydropuls method and a new submersible pump was put into operation.

26.02.2019, Indonesia/Cianjur:

From February, the 18th to 23rd 2019 TLM hydropuls GmbH successfully led the company for the second time the regeneration of a mineral water well using the hydropuls process on behalf of Danone Aqua Indonesia.